Cover- Swing Yela by Baaba Mall, Olivier, Elsa, Leila, Eleanora

Cover of Swing Yela by Baaba Mall. Olivier Hart-Vilain (drums), Elsa Eastwood (Flute), Leila Forbord (Guitar), Eleanora Freeman (Banjolin). composed by and lyrics by Baaba Maal. Produced and recorded by Olivier in Mayweather music studio. Mixed by Olivier on Logic Pro.

Santiago Galvan – Water No Get Enemy (Remix)

Santiago Galvan (producer, writer, rapper) Remix of “Water No Get Enemy”, by Fela Kuti. Samples taken from original recording, and bongo sound taken from youtube channel : RockandRolaTV; everything else done with FL Studio 21 stock plugins

Sonus Deis Solis

Nate Townsend: (Engineer, Drums), Sam Musto: (Pianist, Drums), Andre Collins: (Contributor) Sample: Deus MeusComposed by: Anonymous, CantArte Regentsburg, Hubert Velten Recorded at 46 FountainProduced using Ableton Title: Sonus Deis Solus