Winter Blues- Jack Carpenter, Oliver Dmochowski, AJ Karabenick, Chris Coll

Winter Blues Oliver Dmochowski (Producer, Vocalist, Lyricist), Jack Carpenter (Vocalist, Lyricist), Anthony Karabenick (Vocalist, Lyricist), Christopher Coll (Vocalist, Lyricist). Samples pulled from “Siembra” by Willie Colon and Ruben Blades, “Is This Love” by Bob Marley, Aretha Franklin interview from 1992, and “I Luv it” by Jeezy.

Brady Walsh and Ben Carbeau: “Berimbau”

Brady Walsh (Builder), Ben Carbeau (Builder) For our final project, we made a Berimbau. The Berimbau is a Brazilian bow instrument that is often used in Capoeira, which is a material arts and dance fusion. Berimbaus consists of five major elements: (i) The Verga, which is a thin piece of wood that is bent slightly … Read more

American Spirit: Let it Rise

Let It Rise Henry McBride (Producer), Colin Campbell (Lead vocals and songwriting), Evan O’Brien (vocals and songwriting), Zachary Velli (Producer). Recorded in 20B Fountain Ave using LogicPro.

Nicolás Millán Prieto: Cover of “Soy Colombiano” by Garzón y Collazos

This piece is a bambuco, a Colombian dance originating in the departments (provinces) of Tolima and Huila, but is now played throughout the mountainous regions of the country. The dance usually follows the story of two lovers flirting, a common theme in dances across Colombia. This song, composed by Rafael Godoy and released in 1945 … Read more

Alyssa Hodge. Presentation: Evolution of K-pop\