Dark Is The Night

Lola Cortez As the USSR formed, war songs became the sort of new folk songs, as World War 1, the October Revolution, and World War 2 were integral events in the country’s creation and rise. Although a good amount are about patriotism, many are sung from the front-line soldiers’ perspective. This particular song tells the … Read more

Owen Chestnut, Kyra Fox – Album Cover

Album Cover for Kaya (Bob Marley and the Wailers) Video shows the project as a whole, the photos are each individual scene. The combined project, as a whole, is still an image, however the format cannot be accepted so the video shows the zoom feature. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1UUuZ2YLcTHRm7eSymAqg68WnYohF98Hm?usp=share_link

Aidan Hood – Kalimba Project

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1v31_mVT3nhAerTrcIqibkIVwnZAEwsc_?usp=sharing Blue print designs: Includes bridge, backstop, z-bracket, tines and resonance board (had to redraw resonance board and label it in Inches instead of cm for the adobe illustrator file) MDF Designs in Adobe Illustrator and MDF Machine Cutting out the wood pieces Construction of the resonance chamber using wood glue Addition of the z-bracket, … Read more

David Calderon – Berimbau Project

The berimbau is the main instrument of the brazilian capoeira genre. It is categorized as a single string percussion instrument, and its main role in capoeira music is setting the rhythm that the dancers move to. There are three different types of berimbaus, the berimbau gunga with the lowest pitch, the berimbau medio with medium … Read more

World Music Final Magazine (2023)

Editors + Layout: Julia Gillotti, Lily Barnes, Ernie Little Writers: Krissy Gately, Catherine Palmer, Harmony Lemire, Lael Blackmore, Jane Potee, Emma Haile, Abby Sosnow, Jasmine Fridman, Ethan Diaz, Isabella Paez, Adrian Sui, Rob D’Aquila, Adithi Wikesekera, Michael Tramontano, Emmett Favreau, Connor Benedict, Aaron Lafferty, Adrian Peoples, Ben Kang, Owen Zinn-Keane World Music Final Magazine